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The Importance Of A Good Family Doctor

After we started having kids, I realized that we needed one doctor that really understood our family history. My son had a severe peanut and soy allergy, and so we wanted someone who could carefully track his symptoms. Instead of working with specialists who were difficult to make appointments with, we chose an excellent, highly-recommended family doctor in our area. The difference was amazing. Our doctor paid close attention to his symptoms, and he was able to live a largely symptom-free life. My blog is dedicated to helping people realize the importance of primary care physicians so that you can keep your family healthy.

Surprising Potentially Cancer-Causing Products You Can Find In Almost Any Home

20 December 2016
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You do what you can to avoid cancer. You eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and you don't smoke. But what you may not know is this: cancer-causing agents can be found all around you in your normal everyday life. A lot of research has gone into understanding why the numbers of the some types of cancer occurrences overall seem to continue to rise year after year, and surprisingly, many factors actually come into play as to what could be the underlying cause of such a steady climb. Read More …

3 Conditions That Benefit From Vascular And Interventional Radiology

22 September 2016
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Although there are many conditions that can benefit from the field of vascular and interventional radiology, some conditions are more impactful to patients than others. Due to the minimally invasive nature of this field, life and limb saving procedures are performed with fewer acute and long-term risks. Mesenteric And Limb Ischemia Ischemia occurs when a blood vessel is blocked and organs receive little or no oxygen and nutrient from the blood. Read More …

Understanding Pollen Count And How You Can Keep It Out Of Your House

8 April 2016
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Allergies are a devastating problem for people across the nation and they can rob you of enjoying spring and summer months. However, if you understand the concept of pollen count, you can find ways to keep it out of your home and live a life relatively-free of allergies. This does include taking allergy-relief medicines, though. Pollen Count Definition Pollen count is a description of how much pollen is in the air at any given time. Read More …

2 Tips For Helping Your Middle School Daughter Overcome Anorexia

12 February 2016
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Being a parent means that you always want to protect your child from anything that could do them harm in their life. However, there are some things that no matter how hard you try, you cannot shield them from. Societal pressures regarding body image and appearances are one such aspect that you cannot fully shield your child from. And because of this issue, many young girls even in middle school develop eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Read More …

Quality Health Care For Pregnant Women Experiencing Depression

8 January 2016
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For many women, being pregnant gives into extreme happiness and jubilation. Unfortunately, a small percentage of women actually experience intense depression when they become pregnant. Understanding the symptoms associated with depression and the risk factors for the condition is essential. This guide will help you determine how to identify and seek treatment for depression during pregnancy. While no two women will experience depression in quite the same way, there are a few common symptoms associated with the condition. Read More …