Surprising Potentially Cancer-Causing Products You Can Find In Almost Any Home

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Surprising Potentially Cancer-Causing Products You Can Find In Almost Any Home

20 December 2016
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You do what you can to avoid cancer. You eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and you don't smoke. But what you may not know is this: cancer-causing agents can be found all around you in your normal everyday life. A lot of research has gone into understanding why the numbers of the some types of cancer occurrences overall seem to continue to rise year after year, and surprisingly, many factors actually come into play as to what could be the underlying cause of such a steady climb. Here is a look at some of the products you may use in your home regularly that could contain toxins known to cause cancer. 

Household Pesticides - The bug spray you've relied on for years because it works the best could very well contain cancer-causing agents. Many of these products are labeled as human and animal carcinogens, which basically means they are poisonous to humans and animals. Mammary tumors in rats and mice are found to be relative to chemicals in some of these products. So before you pick up that pesticide or herbicide, make sure you fully understand the risks associated with their use. 

Hair Dye - It is well-known that some hair dyes do indeed contain some pretty potent chemicals. Recent research is taking a look at whether or not some of these hair dye products could potentially be related to cancer. While more research still needs to be done to determine positive results, it has been determined already that hair dye in large doses can cause cancer in lab animals. It is not yet clear if the same applies to humans, but it is definitely worth getting to know the ingredients in any hair dyes you use on a regular basis just to be safe. Switching to more natural henna dyes could be a better choice for your health. 

Air Fresheners - If you are like a lot of people, you keep air freshener of some form around in case you want things freshened up. However, many common air fresheners are laced with carcinogens that can be dangerous for a lot of reasons, from causing respiratory issues to infertility, and of course, cancer. Likewise, candles with lead-bearing wicks also produce toxic contaminants when they are burned. Instead of using the usual products to freshen your home and make it smell good, stick with essential oils, which are derived from natural things and are safe for use all over the house or even on your body. 

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