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The Importance Of A Good Family Doctor

After we started having kids, I realized that we needed one doctor that really understood our family history. My son had a severe peanut and soy allergy, and so we wanted someone who could carefully track his symptoms. Instead of working with specialists who were difficult to make appointments with, we chose an excellent, highly-recommended family doctor in our area. The difference was amazing. Our doctor paid close attention to his symptoms, and he was able to live a largely symptom-free life. My blog is dedicated to helping people realize the importance of primary care physicians so that you can keep your family healthy.

3 Advantages Of Proton Therapy For Treating Cancer

9 December 2015
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If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, your doctor may recommend standard treatments, such as chemo or radiation therapy. Before you agree to a treatment regimen, discuss the opportunity and benefits of proton therapy for your type of cancer. Targeted Therapy Chemotherapy is a systemic form of treatment, which, when effective, destroys cancer cells but also kills healthy cells. More targeted, traditional radiation therapy can also damage healthy cells if they are within the treatment area. Read More …