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The Importance Of A Good Family Doctor

After we started having kids, I realized that we needed one doctor that really understood our family history. My son had a severe peanut and soy allergy, and so we wanted someone who could carefully track his symptoms. Instead of working with specialists who were difficult to make appointments with, we chose an excellent, highly-recommended family doctor in our area. The difference was amazing. Our doctor paid close attention to his symptoms, and he was able to live a largely symptom-free life. My blog is dedicated to helping people realize the importance of primary care physicians so that you can keep your family healthy.

5 Signs You Could Benefit From Cryotherapy

3 June 2018
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Even though you might have heard about cryotherapy treatments, you might have never actually thought about undergoing these treatments yourself. However, cryotherapy can be beneficial for many people. These are a few signs that it might be something for you to check out. 1. You're Trying to Lose Weight It is no secret that losing weight can be difficult. If you have been struggling to shed the pounds and haven't been getting the results that you are hoping for, it might be time to try something a little bit different. Read More …

2 Procedures Performed At A Rectal Clinic

24 February 2017
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While most of us do not wish to have an issues regarding our rectum, colon, and surrounding area, these problems sometimes arise and are actually very common among a lot of the population. Thankfully, when they do occur, you have the comfort of knowing that there are several great doctors and medical facilities out there that can give you the specialized care that you need. One such place is a rectal clinic. Read More …

What To Look For In An Infertility Clinic For Male Infertility

17 January 2017
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If you feel you are having troubles getting pregnant due to male infertility, you aren't alone. Around 11% of couples have troubles conceiving naturally, and a third of these cases are due to male infertility. Caused by a variety of factors from genetics to lifestyle choices, such as drug addiction or being overweight, male infertility can be frustrating and feel like a hopeless condition. Infertility clinics are designed to address the many issues in both women and men that can lead to problems conceiving. Read More …

Surprising Potentially Cancer-Causing Products You Can Find In Almost Any Home

20 December 2016
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You do what you can to avoid cancer. You eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and you don't smoke. But what you may not know is this: cancer-causing agents can be found all around you in your normal everyday life. A lot of research has gone into understanding why the numbers of the some types of cancer occurrences overall seem to continue to rise year after year, and surprisingly, many factors actually come into play as to what could be the underlying cause of such a steady climb. Read More …

3 Conditions That Benefit From Vascular And Interventional Radiology

22 September 2016
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Although there are many conditions that can benefit from the field of vascular and interventional radiology, some conditions are more impactful to patients than others. Due to the minimally invasive nature of this field, life and limb saving procedures are performed with fewer acute and long-term risks. Mesenteric And Limb Ischemia Ischemia occurs when a blood vessel is blocked and organs receive little or no oxygen and nutrient from the blood. Read More …