What Are Some Of The Common Methods Of Pain Management For Back Pain?

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What Are Some Of The Common Methods Of Pain Management For Back Pain?

29 June 2023
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If you have back pain, going to a pain management clinic might be the best way for you to get some relief. You could be wondering about the different methods that a pain management clinic will use. Of course, all of this depends on the reason for your back pain and the specific clinic that you choose, but these are some common methods of pain management that might be used.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

In some cases, taking over-the-counter pain medication can be effective for back pain. Your doctor can talk to you about your over-the-counter options and can make recommendations about which ones might be best for you. They can also tell you about proper doses.

Prescription Pain Medication

For many people who suffer from chronic back pain, prescription pain medication is a better and more effective choice than over-the-counter medication. It is important to be careful and to follow your doctor's dosing instructions when taking prescription pain medication.

Chiropractic Care

If you have never tried chiropractic care for your back pain, it might be worth trying. The pain management clinic that you visit might offer chiropractic care in-house, or your doctor might recommend that you visit a chiropractor at a separate appointment.

Massage Therapy

Many people underestimate just how effective massage therapy can be for someone who suffers from back pain. It's important to specifically get a medical massage, rather than a massage at a regular spa. Your doctor might recommend a medical massage, and these massages might be available at the pain management clinic that you visit. During your massage, make sure that you speak up if something hurts; this will help the massage therapist give you the best and most effective massage without causing you unnecessary pain in the process.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is beneficial for many people who suffer from back pain for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it can help you regain physical abilities that you might not have had since you injured your back. Additionally, it can help you with pain management. Many pain management clinics focus heavily on physical therapy, and there's a good chance it will work out well for you.

Lifestyle Recommendations

When you work with a pain management doctor, they may talk to you about lifestyle changes that you can make that can help you with your back pain. For example, they might recommend that you lose weight or change the way that you lift things. Depending on the type of job that you have, they might recommend a career change. In many cases, lifestyle changes can be quite effective for pain management. 

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