4 Services You Can Access When Undergoing Addiction Counseling At A Substance Abuse Clinic

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4 Services You Can Access When Undergoing Addiction Counseling At A Substance Abuse Clinic

10 March 2022
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Addiction counseling can help people battle their dependency on drugs and alcohol. Through counseling, people can learn to identify the reasons they misuse substances. With the aid of an addiction therapist, patients can learn to cope with their thoughts and feelings without the crutch of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse clinics provide counseling services in addition to other services that recovering addicts need. Here are four things you can do when you choose to undergo addiction counseling at a substance abuse clinic:

1. Get professionally evaluated.

Overcoming addiction can be an intensive process, but you can do it by setting yourself up for success. A professional evaluation will ensure that you get the type of addiction counseling you need. During the intake process, you will be asked a number of questions about the substances you use, the frequency and dose at which you use them, and the effect your substance use has on your life. You must answer these questions honestly since your answers will impact your diagnosis and treatment.

2. Access medical detox services.

Suddenly discontinuing the use of addictive substances may be harmful to your health. People with addictions often experience withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol. Medical detox services can make drug and alcohol cessation safer and more comfortable for patients. Make a substance abuse clinics offer detox services in the form of medical monitoring and prescription medication for symptom mitigation. 

3. Get treatment for your specific substance use disorder.

Many substances are addictive, including alcohol, opiates, marijuana, and psychedelics. However, each of these substances has a different effect on the body and mind. For this reason, receiving addiction counseling geared toward your specific substance addiction can make the therapeutic process more effective. Substance abuse clinics can offer programs designed to treat users of various substances. Speaking to a counselor who has worked with people in your position in the past can allow you to take advantage of their expertise.

4. Join group counseling sessions.

Finally, patients at substance abuse clinics will have an opportunity to join group counseling sessions. Group counseling sessions give patients the opportunity to heal together. Talking to others who share your struggles can destigmatize the problem of addiction. This type of therapy can fight the isolation that typically comes with drug and alcohol addictions, allowing people to make healthy and positive connections that can fuel their journey toward sobriety.