After an Electrical Shock, Get Medical Care

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After an Electrical Shock, Get Medical Care

15 March 2021
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Electrical shock injuries are a rarer injury type, but they should be taken seriously no matter the frequency at which they occur. A large part of taking the matter seriously involves knowing what to do in the moments after the incident. Make sure you are informed to ensure you remain as safe as possible.

Contact Force Is Very Important

The force of the contact with the electrical shock is the main factor that separates these sorts of injuries from one another. On the low end of the spectrum, are flash injuries. These are injuries in which the current grazes the top layer of the skin. 

On the opposite end are true injuries, which involve instances in which the electrical current completely engulfs the victim's body. Knowing which type of injury occurred is helpful information to pass on to a healthcare worker, as it can help them determine what type of testing is necessary. However, it is not a threshold for medical treatment. If you have a concern, you need to be treated no matter how minor you perceive the injury. 

Burns and Contact Force Severity Can Vary

The most common injury associated with electrical shock is a burn. Burns are rated in terms of degree with first-degree burns being the least severe, and third-degree the most. It is essential that you understand that the contact force at which the injury occurred is not the only indicator of what degree of burns an individual can face. Depending on the strength of the current and even where the person makes contact, they can suffer severe burns even with a seemingly minor contact force. For this reason, if you experience any burn injury, you need to be seen. 

Organ Damage Is Possible

It is also worth noting that the potential for damage with an electrical shock injury is not restricted to the skin. This type of injury can also lead to organ damage, particularly if the contact force of the shock was on a higher scale. Electrical shock can directly target how organ functions, damage the muscle tissues that support the organ and even cause an organ to fail. It is always best to gain peace of mind with a visit to a medical professional after this sort of injury so that you can have a full exam performed to rule out this threat. 

Remember, it is never a good idea to self-assess. A proper examination will ensure you have the right access to treatment and help lower the risk of future, long-term concerns associated with the injury. For more information, reach out to electrical injury care services.