What To Look For In An Infertility Clinic For Male Infertility

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What To Look For In An Infertility Clinic For Male Infertility

17 January 2017
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If you feel you are having troubles getting pregnant due to male infertility, you aren't alone. Around 11% of couples have troubles conceiving naturally, and a third of these cases are due to male infertility. Caused by a variety of factors from genetics to lifestyle choices, such as drug addiction or being overweight, male infertility can be frustrating and feel like a hopeless condition. Infertility clinics are designed to address the many issues in both women and men that can lead to problems conceiving. Here are things you should look for in an infertility center for men.

In-house testing

You want to be able to go to a clinic for all your testing needs, from assessing your sperm count to having your testicles checked for signs of blockage. You may receive a full physical to check your insulin levels and even your mental health to rule out many factors that can affect your fertility. This way, you can get results sooner and deal directly with your specialists without having to go to a hospital to receive different treatments with various waiting times for results.


Many clinics have specialists in female infertility but offer referrals for male infertility due to its being far less common. You want a specialist who understands the male body and the medical and physical causes that could be making you less able to conceive naturally. A male fertility specialist at a clinic will be able to take in your medical history, including diabetes, any sports injuries that may affect your sperm production, and lifestyle choices that can be worsening or be an underlying cause of your problem. They will usually use your sperm test to help determine just what your condition may be caused by.

A specialist will also be able to prescribe a treatment program customized to your exact needs to help you be able to successfully conceive a child with your partner. Options may include a testosterone management program or treating conditions with the central nervous system of your brain that may be causing your testicles to release less viable sperm.

If you have been trying to conceive for several months without success and your partner is considered to be healthy, then the issue may lie in your own sperm count. Talk to a specialist at your local infertility clinic to see if they have the right testing and treatment programs to aid in male fertility conditions, and you can be on the right path to being able to have a child more successfully.