Creative Ways To Show Off Your Baby's Sonogram Picture

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Creative Ways To Show Off Your Baby's Sonogram Picture

21 December 2015
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Getting a sonogram of your baby is very exciting. It allows you to see how your baby is developing inside your womb. You will be given sonogram pictures of your baby to take home with you. These will be your baby's very first pictures and you may want to display them in a very special way to show off your baby to others. You can learn about some fun and creative ways you can display your baby's sonogram picture in this article.

Print it on a shirt

If you like the idea of showing the picture to everyone, then you can print it on a shirt so you can wear it everywhere you go. The first thing you need to do is scan the sonogram picture onto your computer. Once it's on the computer, you can use an editing software program to size the picture and you can even add words to it. The words should be added backwards, so they will read correctly when transferred on the shirt.

Use a regular printer and an iron-on transfer paper to print the picture. Once it is printed, lay it facedown on the shirt and place a lightweight towel on top of the transfer. Use an iron to iron the transfer, this will cause it to stick to the shirt. Once it's on, you will be able to wear it whenever you want. When you wash the shirt, turn it inside out to help preserve it while it is in the dryer.

Display the picture in a picture frame

If you like the idea of displaying the picture in a picture frame, you should protect it. The paper and ink used for the sonogram won't withstand the test of time as well as regular photographs will. You can laminate the picture to protect it from the ink wearing off over time. Clean laminating sheets can be found at office supply stores.

Shake the sonogram picture to remove any dust or hairs off of it before you laminate it. Place the picture on one sheet and cover it with another. Place the top sheet on one side and slowly spread the sheet onto the picture with one finger, making sure you don't trap air bubbles. Once it is covered, cut around the picture with scissors. Your picture is now safely protected and you can put it into the picture frame of your choice.

You can jazz up the frame by taking lace and using a glue gun to put it around the border of the frame. If the gender of your baby was determined during the sonogram, you can even go with lace that indicated their gender, such as pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Now that you can show off your baby's first picture, you can enjoy seeing the joy it brings to others in your family.

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